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    pdf portfolio flex help


      I know this is probably going to be for nothing since I doubt many people have been doing custom portfolios using flex yet but I have an extremely annoying problem I was hoping to get help with.  I had to create my own version of the Revolve layout because the client I am working for wanted some extra things that couldnt be created using the default editor.  After spending a good amount of time my component works and it does everything I need it to except for one very important thing.  Upon opening a portfolio with my custom layout set as the default nothing happens and the screen is blank.  I was able to figure out this is because my _host has an empty collection.items array.  This only happens when I start with my layout, if I start with another and then switch to my layout everything works perfectly.  I tested it more and found out that if I replace my custom Revolve component with a regular DataGrid.  Everything works fine.  I only get a blank pdf array when I add a custom component.  Please let someone know why pdf portfolios hate me.  Also, the fact that there is no test environment for them sucks, I have been forced to use Alert statement debugging.



           I did some further testing and it isnt just my custom component that portfolios hate.  I made a simple custom that was a canvas with a datagrid inside and it did the same error.