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    Problem handling handling webservice result

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      I am calling a web service with the resultFormat set to e4x. When i get the result, it is in XML format. What I need is to convert this to a custom type Value Object (which is actually a class generated from WSDL). I was not finding a way to do this. So I used a SimpleXMLDecoder to decode it to a generic Object. Now my problem is that all the nested objects inside this generic Object are of type "ObjectProxy". So i cannot convert them to my nested value objects.


      So now what I finally need is either of the following 2 things:


      1. A way to convert the ObjectProxy to my custom type Value Object.


      2. A way to directly parse the result XML to my Custom type Value Object.


      Please let me know if I need to provide some more clarification.


      Thanks in advance!!