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    Select layer function in actions


      I have three layers with text in different languages. I want to save them to three different PNG files.

      I've tried to do action which select the layer, hide it and save it. Then select another layer and do the same. But selecting layers is not recorded to the action.


      Is there any solution?



      lot of thanks

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No, I don't think so. Selections are what they imply - user-interactive decisions that provide a context to a tool or command. What you want would require a script and even then you'd have to take care to name the layers properly in the first place....



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            Kurt Gold Adobe Community Professional

            Cooker, tell a bit more about how you save your .png files.


            In case you're talking about saving them through the Save for Web dialog, then you have a built-in method to save main layers as individual files. Look for 'Save CSS Layers' or something similar in the Save for Web dialog.


            If you're talking about exporting the .png files through the Export dialog, then you can go other routes, for example a script or a slightly modified action.

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