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    Fireworks Frames do not start empty?


      I am new to Fireworks and went to create my first animation today however when i add a new frame it is not empty it has all the layers in it from the previous frame 1. If i then remove the layers it removes them as well from the frame 1. I want to have diferent layers in diferent frames.

      What am i doing wrong?


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          SiamJai Level 2
          You are not doing anything wrong; it's just that in Fireworks the layer structure is preserved all across the frames. What does change from frame to frame is the content inside each layer.

          Thus, your new frame is still considered empty, because there is no content inside those layers in that particular frame. You can add content to those layers, or add more layers, or share the content of a layer across all frames.

          This setup works very well for animation projects. If you really must start anew without any layers, use Pages instead.

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