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    Now I need a new Graphics card for CS4

    Billy Payn Level 1

      Hi -


      So I took the plunge and upgraded to CS4 - then discovered to my annoyance that Matrox aren't bothering ('corporate decision') to write drivers for their AVPE card to support WYSIWYG with CS4. Great, so a £200 card is now on the ebay pile and my 10 year (expensive) relationship with Matrox is over.


      Now I'm faced with a problem, I've always had Matrox graphics cards in all my edit machines, the WYSIWYG plugins make things easy and they do work well- or did.


      Please can anyone advise me if there's a card out there which will give me the ability to run two monitors as a desktop, and have a feature monitor showing my edit.(all VGA connected) With Production Premium CS4 I'd like 1GB of memory as I'm planning on editing some footage from a RED camera (or trying to) - with the Nvidia or ATI cards - is there software that allows you to set up which monotor does what - and does this plug in to Premiere After Effects Photoshop etc?


      I have 2 PCIE slots, and don't mind I suppose having two graphics cards in the machine, will this work, if I insert a for example Nvidia GTX 260 alongside the AVPE will that work, letting the Matrox handle the desktop and the Nvidia the Feature monitor, or would I be better having two GTX 260's ??


      I have asked the boffins at PNY if they think this'll work and they say - maybe, though the card will only support certain codecs.....really? they're getting back to me on what those might be.


      My system is


      Supermicro X7DWA N 16 gb ram

      XP pro SP2

      PSU 600watt

      monitors are Benq - analogue all VGA

      Adobe Production Premium CS4 with Cineform 4K


      This is an area that is quite hard to research - none of the manufacturers websites answer the questions that come up and so I have to keep calling up tech support in various different countries, then wait while they go and find out.


      I'm hopeful that someone out there has an answer - thanks for reading - any help appreciated



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The GTX 260 is good for dual monitor display. The preview on an external TV requires a firewire connection to a deck/camera and analog pass through to the TV. No sense to get a 2-nd GTX.

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            Billy Payn Level 1

            Hello Harm


            Thanks for the reply, I was hoping you would, and also hoping that wouldn't be your reply.


            I don't want to tie up my camera and have it on full time, just to get less quality than I was getting on the computer monitor as a feature monitor I was getting last week. The quality is really good, and I find it much easier to see for drawing masks etc and for colouring and grading - I guess die to having loads more pixels.


            I can't accept that there isn't another solution and so I'm looking for one, even if I have to buy two GTX260's, I'd rather spend the £175 twice (or the extra £175) than have the camera in and out of it's box every time I want to edit and then the cables everywhere, I went tapeless to get away from that and sold a couple of cameras that I could have used.


            I'd like to find out if having one nvidia 260 and my lovely obsolete matrox card will work, or if two 260s will give me the result I need, and so in the absence of any person who can tell me, I'll just have to give it a try, annoyingly, my mobo isn't SLI capabole, so I'll be wasting some of the potential of doing this, but may get the system to work again.


            Can't express here how annoyed I am with Matrox, if they produced a card tomorrow which could shoot edit and composite award winning material which would keep clients happy from now to eternity for $1 - I wouldn't buy it.


            I'll post the results as I go along.


            My alternative is to go and buy a 6 foot monitor to use as a desktop.


            Can't believe I'm the only person to have fallen foul of Matrox's failure to provide service.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Personally, I have grown a huge dislike for anything Matrox, based on experiences with RT.X cards. I can't say I have the same feelings about GV/Canopus. They always delivered what they promised and pretty bug-free.


              The problem you have is that PR only can use an external 3-rd minitor over firewire. What could be a good solution is the GV/Canopus AVDC-110 unit, which can be used as a pass-through to the TV (3-rd monitor) over firewire, but has the added advantage of being able to capture from analog sources and convert to DV on the fly.


              This is what you want, right?



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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                The drawback with Firewire is that you won't get the full res out of RED files for monitoring.  It's great for DV, less so for anything more.


                My guess is something like an AJA or BlackMagic card with HD-SDI or HDMI out would be required here.