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    Convert Premiere Elements 7 projects to Premiere Pro

    EckleySP Level 1

      I took advantage of the recent promotion to upgrade to Premiere Pro from Elements 7.  Now I simply want to convert my old files created in Elements to Premiere Pro.  If I simply open the Elements file in Premiere Pro, it says it needs to convert the file and asks for location/file name.   OK, and it pulls in the "Assets", but nothing on the timeline.  Is this the extent of the conversion?


      I saw a comment (another forum) that said rename the Elements file to a Premiere Pro file, then open it.  That didn't work either.


      I've tried (for my limit of half an hour) to find another discussion on this topic, but can't find one.


      Also, to date, I'm extremely pleased with Premiere Pro.  I work with AVCCAM files and it handles them much better than Elements (on the same machine).


      I run on Windows XP (i7 processor)


      Thanks in adance for any insight.