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    Class extends MovieClip but can't call 'addChild'

    Paulo Ricca

      Hi there

      I'm working on a Flash Lite 3.0 application using AS2 and I've created a class that extends MovieClip. The problem is that I'd like to dynamically add Child Movieclips using the addChild method... but it doesn't work, it gives me the following compiler error: "There is no method with the name 'addChild'". But I can call other MovieClip specific methods such as this.getNextHighestDepth()


      heres a reduced version of my class:



      class com.sck.DragList extends MovieClip {


      private var placeHolder:MovieClip;

      private var listMask:MovieClip;




      public function DragList(PlaceHolder:MovieClip)









      private function Init()









      private function DrawListMask()


      listMask = placeHolder.createEmptyMovieClip("listMask", this.getNextHighestDepth());

      listMask.name = "list";

      listMask.beginFill(0xcc00cc, 100);

      listMask.moveTo(0, 0);

      listMask.lineTo(placeHolder._width, 0);

      listMask.lineTo(placeHolder._width, placeHolder._height);

      listMask.lineTo(0, placeHolder._height);






      //listMask.onMouseDown = Delegate.create(this, MouseDownOnList);

      //listMask.onMouseUp = Delegate.create(this, MouseUpOnList);







      Does anyone have any ideia that could help me? Thanks a lot!

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          Rothrock Level 5

          I don't know Flash Lite 3.0, but you've posted in the AS1/2 forum and your code looks mostly like AS1/2, not AS3. What with the createEmptyMovieClip and the properties starting with _. So I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the compiler knows what it is talking about when it tells you that there is no method with the name "addChild."


          addChild is not a method of the MovieClip class. It is a method of the DisplayObject class (I think, or at least something way up there in the heirarchy) and it does not exist is AS2.


          When you createEmptyMovieClip you are adding that instance to whichever moveclip instance you invoked it on. In this case the placeholder clip. Also with AS2 you can't reparent a clip to another.

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            Paulo Ricca Level 1


            Thank you for your attention. Actually Flash Lite 3.0 doesn't mean it's AS2 or AS3. It's just the Flash version like Flash 5 or Flash CS3.. As I said I'm using AS2

            There was something in my code that had also distracted you and it's my fault, because I had tryed so many different things that the code got messed up:

            I didn't want to create the empty movieclip inside the placeholder, that was just a test code, sorry, it was supposted to be this.createEmptyMovieClip


            And a colleague helped me out too, he gave me an idea to solve this problem: instead of called this.addChild, I'm calling super.addChild and it works! I'm not sure why the compiler needs the super because it isn't needed for the other methods such as getNextHighestDepth.. and it also works if i just cal addChild from outside the instance of the class.... Anyway, it's odd but it works with super


            Thanks anyway



            BUT now I have another problem... when I define the events:

            listMask.onMouseDown = Delegate.create(this, MouseDownOnList);


            private function MouseDownOnList()






            they don't work.. I click on the object and nothing happends :\ any ideias? sorry for asking another question that might not be directly related to my first problem

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              Paulo Ricca Level 1

              Ok.. problem solves.. another problem arises :S the thing is, I can't use the mouseDown in Device Central because the touch screen isn't reacting to mouse clicks.. i'm going to search google for this.. thank you!