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    Laptop editing with Premiere Pro CS4: what are the most important specs


      Laptop Editing: What are the MOST important specs?


      Hello everybody, I have been a long time lurker, but I decided to join in and share my voice.


      I've been editing, for a while now, various projects of various lenghts shot on my HV20, on an IMac using Adobe Premiere Pro. Actually, I bought the CS4 Extended Production Suite last year  thinking that it made sense to be able to edit, do the coloring and effects+ sound all within the same suite.

      AND, it came with OnLocation, wich is, I think, a fantastic tool. I really want to be able to record and monitor my future shoots using OnLocation. I've seen how useful monitors and scopes are on set, and the idea of being able to shoot in HD and actually checking the focus on something larger than a few inches is very appealling!

      So a laptop is in my future. Now, what are the most important specs?

      I could buy 1) a barely used Macbook pro early 08- 17" HD led display ,4g Ram ddr2 ,nvidia 8600M GT 512 VRAM ,800Mhz BUS, 200G 7200HD

      and have enough money left to buy an Apple Display 30" refurb

      OR 2) a new Macbook pro 17, 4 g Ram ddr3, 512 VRAm, 4g Ram ddr3, double procsessors 9400M+9600M GT 512 VRAM, 1066 BUS, 500G 7200HD

      and wait for a second display!


      Plus, of course, a portable External Scratch Drive on the Express Card. Now, if that fast drive is handling the footage, could'nt I settle for a 5400HD in the laptop,, they seem much less prone to problems-clicking noise, heat-than the 7200, especially in the new unibody model. Is 800 versus 1066 BUS a terrible trade-off? In terms of secondary displays , I've heard less than lukewarm things about the new Apple 24 LED (glossy is no-no for me).


      My intentions are to make documentaries and short fictions as well. I make a living as an actor so I don't need to be performing as a director/editor business wise!

      I do want to explore that side of the craft, in a professional and enjoyable way though. I know that, in addition to the laptop, I will get a MacPro in a few years.


      Thanks a lot for the inputs!