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      Hi everyone


      My application has a serious intermittent bug that is caused by IE's cache control - It loads an old file instead of the correct one. What can I do to make IE (or all browsers) to always ignore cache, or to just not store the page in cache? Is there something I can do in the Flex application file?


      I've already tryed to put headers like "Pragma no-cache" and "Expires -1" in a filter implemented in Java, but the page simply stopped loading (in IE only). So I was searching for something on the Flex application, maybe something that makes only the swf file to be loaded everytime... Is it possible?




      Thanks in advance for your attention

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          Andrew Rosewarn

          Are you talking about the whole application cacheing or just a call to a remote service for data.  Ie foes cache and if your tyring to call http data tryadding something like


          ?ieDummyData=Math.random() to your url to make ie think its calling a new page.



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