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    Indexing problems


      Can anbody help???


      I have just started a new project in PrPro (CS3) and have several hours worth of footage to get through on a tight deadline!


      A seemingly random selection of .mpg files refuse to complete the indexing process. All files have come from the same camera and been through the same conversion process (from .tod to .mpg) using a third party application. 99% of converted mpeg's work fine, but these few are throwing a real spanner in the works!


      Encoding details have been checked against other files using different programs and the media cache has been cleaned repeatedly but to no avail! PrPro seems to get approx. 75% through the indexing on any one of these files before apparently giving up, having spent some hours browsing the loosely related problems on these forums I am at a loss!


      The only working theory I have is the size of the .mpg's (3Gb+) - is PrPro incapable of working with files over a certain size? Is there a workaround for this, or can anyone recommend a program which is capable of working with larger mpeg's that can be used to cut them down for editing with PrPro?