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    Flex PHP Wizard Issues (Is Flex/PHP ready for prime time)

    macdavid Level 1

      I have been designing a website using Flex. I thought of using Flex form many reasons, but one was to reduce the number of languages used in the development process. I am going to be hosting at Godaddy so I thought  I would try PHP. I normally would use Java, but Flex seems to want Enterprise Beans and Java Remote Objects which cost to much and would probably not work on Godaddy. I started out with MAMP on a Apple computer and have design 60% of my application, when I started noticing as the database go larger, I started getting communication errors with the MAMP version of mysql. So I installed MySQL and and started using Apache and PHP that comes with OSX. The communication errors are increased.

      Any suggestions? I am at the point, if I can find a proven programmer, with GoDaddy/Flex/MySQL/PHP and Java experience to help answer some question, I think I can come up with contract dollars.

      First question is Flex ready? or is this an issue with PHP?