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    Sizes and resolutions for recording and publishing

    adrianaharper Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am using Captivate4 as part of othe TCS2 on a desktop with 2 large monitors. Here is my question:


      I work with my monitors set at at resolution of 1280 * 1024.  My end user video must have a MAX resolution of 1024 * 768.  My questions are:


      1- when I recorded my monitor at the resolution of 1280 * 1024 and hit publish, captivate said that the resolution settings were: 844 * 552 pixels.  However, when the swf is produced and I look at it, it says movie properties: 1095 * 583 (dimensions). I think the +24 is the player at the bottom.


      2-I did the same as step 2 and added a TOC -- publish size still said 844 * 552 but final was 1094*576. I think the +250 is the TOC.


      Does this mean that in order to have a final product of 1024 * 768 including a player bar and a TOC, my max recording size is 774 * 774 ?  It would appear that a TOC adds 250 and a player adds 24. And why doesn't Captivate tell you that in the preferences screen when you are clicking "publish"?


      Any and all advice/info is appreciated.