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    Director/Shockwave - DB/Access app quest

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      Planning to update an old CD-title of mine and would be most greatful to get some advices from developers that have been more active as developers than me the last years.

      To simplify it's about birds and a couple of facts of each bird (and relations to spices, groups etc.) will be presented on user demand. Would also be great to do this in a multi-langual way. The user will be able to preset, language of cause, but also define birds to be implemented in the session and so on... Guess you get as much of the picture you need to grasp it.

      Opposit to my former app, where all facts used by the app was stored in plain textfiles I will try to use an ordinary database to register everything and then use Lingo get the facts needed for every situation. I can do a bit Access work so if I can use that DB it would be great.

      The other main thing with this upgrade would be to be able to use it as an app on the local computer as well as access it from the web. My plan is at the moment in a brain-storming mode but I if I will release it I will be prepared to be able to sell it as a service on the net. That is store everything on a server and use a Shockwave app for paying customers to access it.

      I've scanned some Xtras that deals with Lingo-Access database communication but not dig into what they are able to (and not) yet. Perhaps some of you can give som some hints and advices. It is crusial that the Xtra can grip the data 1) from a local computer installation as well as 2) from within a Shockwave app adressing a Access DB on the server.

      In addition to the Shockwave usage: It's not an multiuser function in terms of many "players" dealing with the app in some lkind of "contest". User connected will allways use the app as a privat session of their own.

      Most greatful to hear from you about this.

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          AFAIK datagrip has a Shockwave package, or at least a web-enabled
          version, so it might do want you want if you're wedded to Access. But
          this won't help Mac users. You might want to look at Valentina or
          another cross-platform solution for Shockwave.
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            Chunick Level 3
            if you want it to be accessible from a server and you have hosting space somewhere then likely you have access to a MySQL database. You need to find an Xtra that will allow you to connect remotely and/or locally... for something like this you can use xmySQL Xtra:

            I have used it in the past and it would work well for the situation you describe. I would not use an Access DB if you want to access it from the web.

            If you decide to set things up locally only then you can use the free and tiny sqlite: http://staff.dasdeck.de/valentin/xtras/sqlite/
            It's rather easy to set up, if you're familiar with setting up databases and if you need to update things you can always create an updater program which would be a better solution to the issue of keeping information up-to-date... either a service that could run in the background as almost all programs do nowadays, or a check that gets done each time the program is run... it could check the version of certain files or you can internally keep track of the version in Director and that would tell you if there's an update the user needs... then it's just a download of new information to the database or a new cast that you can swap out (again, using a free Xtra from Valentin called the castXtra: http://staff.dasdeck.de/valentin/xtras/cast/ ). There's a good deal of possibilities that you can explore.
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              A while back I wrote a set of matched scripts in lingo/ASP that let you issue an SQL query from shockwave to a remote db and get the record set back as a nested list. The query and results are RC4 encrypted making the communication between app and db reasonably safe. The nice thing about this approach is that it’s free, the downside is that you’ll have to write a ton of error handlers for the possible responses you might get back from the db. Also, if you’re passing any user text data in the query you’ll have to do your own input scrubbing to protect from SQL injection attacks. If you’ve got a budget I’d go with a commercial xtra but I’ll post the scripts if you want them.