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    ADE in Android?


      Is it possible to read files protected with ADE on an Android phone? My local library has an ebook service, but they're all ADE ePub or PDF. I'd really like to borrow them. I have fbreader, but it won't touch Adobe's drm, obviously.


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          Just wanted to throw my vote into the hat. I am interested in an ADE solution for Android OS as well. Checking out books online is great, but i want to read it on an Android  tablet, many of which are to be released in the second half of this year. I hope Adobe is working on a solution.

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            Shortcovers is a version of KOBO ebook reader.  It is based on Adobe EPUB format.  So far I haven't figured out how to import books into my shortcovers app it seems to use the web browser to read the books on my account.

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              Votes heard, and counted.

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                Another request for this. Android is really kicking off big time now and with the depth of devices it's going to on you want to get in there early with ADE support.

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                  RobMcDougall Level 1

                  Does anyone know if the new Adobe Reader for Android supports ADE?

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                    Jim Lester Level 4

                    Unfortunately, it doesn't.

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                      fezzik77 Level 1

                      For what it is worth.  I would like to say that I could perhaps understand not including Adobe Digital Editions on Android because of system limitations and what not.  However, would it not be theoretically plausible to create an Adobe Digital Editions reader essentially creating an ADE profile making the phone or app a device?  That is how the eReaders like the Nook and others that use Android as their OS do it.  Somehow they have an ADE profile file that does all the communications and opens the doors for the books.  Unless they somehow added Flash on those devices I don't see why it would be more difficult to create the same type thing for the Phone/tablet/netbook OS as well.

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                        sonicsavant Level 1

                        Bummer.  I've had an ebook on hold from my library via Overdrive and was looking forward to reading it on my HTC Evo.  Today the book became available, but it took quite a while to figure out I wasn't going to be able to get it on the Android.  Nothing I had read through my library's website, Overdrive, or ADE had indicated Android was unsupported.

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                          At this point I am pulling the plug on ADE.  I will not buy another book in the pdf format.  It is very frustrating to have paid for something to find it to be of limited use. 

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                            OK i found this link to and Android app.




                            There is says it opens PDF files.  My question is still the same as the rest hear i believe.  If i get the Android Pad and download this app will it open and read the PDF e-reader files from my local library?  I dont want to buy the pad if this is not possible as this is the reason im getting any kind of e-reader in the first place.  Some here say it doesnt but the video shows them opening a PDF file.  Does it only open some document like files and not e-book type ones?

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                              RobMcDougall Level 1

                              I think JimLester answered that very clearly already.  No it won't.  It's for basic PDF viewing and nothing more.  No forms, no digital editions, no Rights Management, no Reader Extensions.


                              Apparently, those things are in the plan, but they have other platforms that they want to provide basic PDF viewing on before they can get around to adding extras onto the platforms that already have it.

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                                clux13 Level 1

                                I did a little more internet digging and i found this app which works for some android

                                items.  Does anyone know if it works for the tablet?



                                Aldiko Book Reader



                                The site says it works for the EPub type files that some librarys have.  I still havent seen a full App for the book PDFs, But if this one will work for some i might still get the tablet and wait for and PDF app.



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                                  Yet another vote to please get an Android-compatible version of ADE

                                  working so I can check out ebooks from my library.

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                                    another vote for Android support for Adobe Digital Editions. I'd love if I could read digital library books and purchased digital books on my HTC Incredible.

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                                      fezzik77 Level 1

                                      For what it is worth.  The Nook app includes ADE.  However, it seems that it doesn't support books with DRM aside from protected DRM books from Barnes and Noble.

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                                        clux13 Level 1

                                        Does the Nook app work for ADE book from public libraries?

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                                          fezzik77 Level 1

                                          Sorry I can't say.  I haven't used any books from the library.  I know the app supposedly supports loaning books so I assume it would be the same deal.  I have some books I downloaded from KOBO and I haven't tried them yet I kept having issues with trying to copy books that didn't exist to my sd card through ADE but now I have one that actually shows size so who knows.


                                          Ok so I just tried to open the Stand which I bought from KOBO and it is a no go.  I can read it in ADE but not on the Nook.

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                                            I download books from the library all the time and usually read them on my Tablet PC

                                            but I have gotten them to work on my phones.


                                            The mobipocket books with DRM from the library have worked on my verizon droid .  Unfortunately the vast

                                            majority of the books are epub or pdf.  I think I used the 'iReader' app which allows you to put in your

                                            mobipocket PID number both in the droid as well as up on the library site and then it will open them.

                                            It will usually say 'unable to open' and then it opens them and loads them to the droid.


                                            The old Adobe (I used to use version 6 to read ebooks but then Adobe screwed things up after that)

                                            worked fine for sending things to my old Windows PC phone.  But when they came out with that horrible

                                            ADE it didn't work anymore.  How can a company be so regressive to have had a perfectly good working

                                            product like the Adobe 6 (or maybe it was 7) and then pitch it for the stupid current reader -- you can't

                                            even change the font size for heavens sake.


                                            I have been looking for an ereader and haven't found  the perfect one to satisfy me yet since I want to

                                            be able to download library books as well as buy new books.  Also want it to read academic journal

                                            articles without it messing up the formatting.  I have already purchased two ereaders and ended

                                            up taking them back.  The Sony drove me crazy because of the screen redraw and the incredibly long

                                            time it took to turn pages -- I read pretty fast and that was unacceptable in keeping a reading flow going.

                                            I got the Libre by Alurtek and that did read the epub DRM but the formatting was terrible with line breaks in

                                            all the wrong places.  Also it kept forgetting how to open a DRM and I had to keep going back and resetting

                                            it.  It stopped working completely after 2 weeks so I took it back.  However, it did a fast page turn.


                                            I think I probably will spring for a android tablet (been looking at the velocity micro ones and they look pretty

                                            neat and a good price) but will still have the problem of not being able to read the adobe drm library books.



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                                              another vote for Android support for Adobe Digital Editions..ive bought lots of book that are fine o

                                              n my pc..but i want to read them on an andrioide pad...it should be possible - seeing as we pay 

                                              so much for the books

                                              kindle have caved - come on adobe..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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                                                I'm amazed to read your post!  I have the same problems and reading needs apparently. I've been downloading books from my local library for years, starting with Adobe 5, then 6.  I had/have a Palm Treo that I used.  Once Adobe stopped ebooks and went to ADE I was stuck downloading Mobipocket ebooks.  And you're right, there isn't nearly the selection of books available in this format.  I'm dismayed with the inability and lack of awareness towards the needs of consumers of libraries.  More and more people are relying on digital books by choice and no one wants to carry a plethora of devices for all the different formats.


                                                I recently dumped an iphone in favor of the HTC Evo and among the top reason was that Overdrive Media, the overseer and facilitator of ebooks for libraries released a news post that they were making available epub books for mobile devices, androids to be the first to get released.  Further communication with Overdrive, via email, disclosed that, though they couldn't tell when, it was eminent.  This was in mid May, 2010. For those of us patiently waiting for over 2 years now, each day seems like a lifetime.


                                                I too tried the Sony reader and couldn't deal with the screen redraws!  I've returned 2 of them, and found the same on all readers I've tested so far, leaving me back with the Palm Treo  I'd like to retire my Treo and start using my Evo!

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                                                  I recently discovered txtr, which supports epub books with ADE DRM. I say "discovered", but really I mean "noticed it on the list of supported devices/apps and gave it a try." Getting the books onto an android device is a little bit clunky, but once there, the books are readable.


                                                  To get the app/phone ready:

                                                  1. search for txtr in the market and install
                                                  2. start the app, go to the settings screen, and enter your adobe account details
                                                  3. also on the settings screen, select 'Sign up for free' to create a txtr account
                                                  4. close the app


                                                  To transfer books to the device:

                                                  1. plug the device into the computer with ADE
                                                  2. the device should now be recognized in ADE as a result of init step 2 above
                                                  3. use ADE to transfer the book(s) to the device, necessary to get the license onto the device
                                                  4. in a file browser, go to the Digital Editions folder and delete the book's epub file (txtr won't be able to find it)
                                                  5. safely disconnect the device from your computer
                                                  6. in a web browser, log in at www.txtr.com and upload the book(s) from wherever ADE put them on the computer (it's 'My Documents' for me)
                                                  7. now, finally, on the android device, open txtr, go to the 'archive' tab, select the collection where you uploaded the book(s)
                                                  8. download the book(s)
                                                  9. READ!


                                                  Like I said, getting books onto the phone along with a usable license is a pain. It would be nice if txtr could just find them in the 'Digital Editions' folder, since then you wouldn't need a txtr.com account or the extra upload/download steps. Still, this is the only method I've found that actually works for reading library books on my phone, and once you know the method, it's not that big a deal.

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                                                    BabloopBlaboo Level 1



                                                    Just wanted to share some info about Aldiko.


                                                    I received confirmation from Aldiko's support team that the next Android version (of Aldiko) will have support for ADE!

                                                    I quote: "This version of Aldiko app doesn't support Adobe DRM, the next version will  support it and it will be released soon."


                                                    Aldiko is listed on Adobe's "Digital Editions Supported Devices" page (http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices).


                                                    I've read and seen a lot of good things about Aldiko, so this is very promising.

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                                                      Wow - thanks for the tip. I just tried it and it works great. I just downloaded a title

                                                      that I actually have in book format but thought it would be nice to have a portable version in case I get stuck somewhere and need to finish my book!

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                                                        Hi Friends,

                                                        Is it possible to use Adobe RMSDK on android ?

                                                        I want to develop android based reader to read DRM protected pdfs.

                                                        Please help me.



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                                                          Jim Lester Level 4

                                                          Yes it is possible to use RMSDK on Android, both on purpose built devices (Nook, Entourage Edge, Spring Design Alex, etc...), as well as for general purpose apps submitted to the Marketplace (Aldiko was already mentioned on this thread).


                                                          For more information on the RMSDK see http://www.adobe.com/devnet/readermobile/  (there are subsequent contact links on that page)

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                                                            I followed the instructions but my device is not being recognized in ADE.  Did you connect your device as a disk drive or through HTC Sync (I have an EVO)?


                                                            Never mind.  I mounted it as a drive and it recognized it.

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                                                              Sicilygirl Level 1

                                                              Sorry but I haven't tried anything else yet because everything I've read on

                                                              Adobe's site indicates the software isn't ready yet.  I download from the

                                                              library so I'm most interested in the software that will allow me to

                                                              download from there.  I'm assured it will be happening soon???  Hopefully by

                                                              end of year.

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                                                                bookskt Level 1

                                                                I was very excited to hear about TXTR.  I downloaded it to my Android, synchronized it with my main Adobe account through my laptop ADE.  I then downloaded files from the library.  My ADE on my laptop easily recognized my phone library and listed my 'droid' as a device.  I then dragged and dropped the files over to my phone.  When I click on a file, it asks me which of several programs should I use to open the file -- and I choose TXTR.  Then it says "unable to read document'.  I also can find no way of opening the file from within the TXTR.  Does anyone have any suggestions?


                                                                Also was a little confusing when setting up because it asked a bunch of questions that I wasn't able to answer and it wanted an address and a credit card number -- but only gave me the option of 'Germany' as the country name.



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                                                                  jitenderADE Level 1

                                                                  Did you follow all of the directions in my post about txtr? My post points out that you won't be able to read the epub file that was transfered to the phone by ADE. You need to transfer the book in order to get the license onto the phone, but after that, the epub file itself is useless for txtr. Instead, you have to create an account at txtr.com and upload the epub from your computer running ADE to the txtr web site. After that, you can download the book from within txtr on your phone so that it can be read.


                                                                  If you use the 'sign up for free account' option from the txtr settings menu, it does not ask for either an address or a credit card, so you may need to read my previous directions more carefully. If you are having trouble with one or more of the steps in my origin post, tell us which one and we might be able to help.

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                                                                    Thank you, perfect stop gap until something else comes along

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                                                                      bookskt Level 1

                                                                      I found that I was doing some things wrong (I was using the wrong site for TXTR, for instance)

                                                                      but redid everything based on the step-by-step email by jitender.


                                                                      However, once I got the book transferred to my phone through ADE and then independently

                                                                      uploaded to the site and then downloaded to my phone, it still would

                                                                      not work if it is from the library .  However, I have made progress because it will read other

                                                                      DRM books that I have purchased and it will read plain text books which I have uploaded.


                                                                      I put in an order for the Velocity Cruz which is 7-inch screen Android ereader.  It arrives

                                                                      later this week so I will give an update on how it works.  It has Android 2.1 (although my phone

                                                                      now has 2.2).  It appears that they have an independent android market and not the same one

                                                                      as my phone uses.

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                                                                        Thanks tons for getting me started with TXTR. I just thought I would add my slightly different experience in successfully transferring an ePUB from the library onto my phone (in this case, a Motorola Droid).


                                                                        I started off the same way. I set up my TXTR account online and uploaded the ePUB file to TXTR. I also set up the TXTR app on my phone  with my ADE account info. Now here's where things are a little different.


                                                                        1. I downloaded the file onto my phone using TXTR. Once downloaded, DO NOT click "Read".


                                                                        2. I connected my phone to my computer and activated it as a USB drive.


                                                                        3. I opened Adobe Digital Editions and it recognized my phone as a device (for some reason it identified it as a Nook - maybe because I downloaded the app).


                                                                        4. I clicked on my device in ADE to make sure my ePUB showed up as being on my device. This seems to be the only thing needed to activate permissions. I checked the item info, and the file ADE finds is located in the TXTR folder on my phone.


                                                                        5. I then disconnected my phone as a USB device.


                                                                        6. I loaded TXTR, found my book, and only then clicked "Read."


                                                                        I don't know if this works for everyone, but I couldn't transfer the book to my device any other way. BTW - if you click "Read" before connecting to the computer and allowing ADE to find the book on your device first, something messes up (probably the DRM) and TXTR won't be able to read it. You'll have to delete the files on your phone and then redo the six steps.

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                                                                          Any luck with DRM protected PDFs?  PS, your advice on ePub files works great, Thanks a million!  I am currently reading a library book on my Droid!  I can not get the pdf that I checked out to load however.  Maybe more steps or different steps?  If anyone has advice, I would greatly appreciate it.



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                                                                            mwlieu Level 1

                                                                            Nope. I haven't crossed that bridge yet. By and large, the ebooks through my public library are ePub, so I haven't had to wrestle with DRM PDF files for reading a book.

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                                                                              good look

                                                                              jitenderADE  !!!!!!!!!!!!! worked perfected mane !!!!!! pdf file !!!! from ADE !! and im using he new G2 phone !! thanks again !! now i can go take a **** and read my ebooks lol

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                                                                                I don't know if anyone else has been having some problems, but I found that if I connected my phone via USB to transfer books I have problems both transferring and/or opening the book. 


                                                                                This process worked for me!

                                                                                On Phone:

                                                                                - Install txtr to my phone

                                                                                - Open txtr - in settings set up txtr user account and logon to Adobe Account using same email & passwords as I have in my Computer's Adobe Digital Editions


                                                                                - Connect to PC via USB and enter adobe credentials to activate


                                                                                DISCONNECT phone from computer!

                                                                                On PC:


                                                                                - Download library book to Adobe Digital Editions on computer.


                                                                                - Logon to online txtr account, using same id and password as on phone, upload the book from my PC.

                                                                                On Phone:


                                                                                Open txtr, Select the Archive field, Inbox and download the books from txtr online, read!




                                                                                On Samsung Fascinate...

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                                                                                  I tried and was unable to read an ADE protected book in PDF on my Android Samsung Galaxy S.

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                                                                                    dlcullen Level 1

                                                                                    This is what I have done to read library books:


                                                                                    Make sure both Adobe Digital Editions and txtr account have same Adobe

                                                                                    Account info as far as email and password


                                                                                    Rent library book, download to PC (at this point you should be able to

                                                                                    read the book on your PC)


                                                                                    Logon to txtr account on your PC, UPLOAD the book from your PC by

                                                                                    browsing to where book downloaded to


                                                                                    Open txtr on your phone, in the Archive section select Inbox, you

                                                                                    should see your library book listed, select it to download, then you

                                                                                    should be able to read.


                                                                                    I didn't have any luck transferring books from PC to phone via ADE by

                                                                                    USB connection!

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                                                                                      This method worked for me too, on a HTC Desire.


                                                                                      I so much wanted my favorite book on my phone, and now I have it, after purchasing as an ebook!


                                                                                      Thank you!

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