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    cfgridcolumn question

    Hydrowizard Level 1
      Hi all,
      At the moment I have two db columns-one for the first Name and one for the Last name. What I want to do is combine the cfgrid output so that the firstName and lastName are output together in the same column. The end result would be something like this
      <cfgridcolumn name="firstName&lastName" header="Name"> and I would get rid of the First Name and Last Name headers but obviously I get an error as the ampersand isn´t the way to join them. How can I do it? Thanks

      <cfform format="flash">
      <cfgrid name="artistGrid" query="getArtists" rowheaders="true">
      <cfgridcolumn name="firstName" header="First Name">
      <cfgridcolumn name="lastName" header="Last Name">
      <cfgridcolumn name="company" header="Company">
      <cfgridcolumn name="phone" header="Telephone">
      <cfgridcolumn name="address" display="false">
      <cfgridcolumn name="city" display="false">
      <cfgridcolumn name="state" display="false">
      <cfgridcolumn name="postalcode" display="false">
      <cfgridcolumn name="fax" display="false">