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    two-way binding issue

    DilipShah Level 1
      I'm facing a peculiar issue when I implement  two-way data binding.

      Issue description: Two-way data binding wipes clean  first selected record in the model. Works fine then onwards. It's as though,  blank fields in the view overwrites model before model has an opportunity to  populate the view.
      I've put up this sample application at: (view  source enabled)

      Sample application description: The application reads a  simple XML data file (in the real app, it's a Spring-BlazeDS service) and  renders the information. It allows user to add more data / update existing data.  I'm using two-way binding for adding / updating data.

      Steps to follow to reproduce the  issue:
      1. Hit the URL
      2. Click on the place holder image for any of the 3  data elements
      3. Click on Update button
      4. You'll notice that the form is blank. The data,  where two-way binding was used, corresponding to the selected raw has gone  blank. The component is (VideoAddUpdateCore.mxml
      If you replace the two-way binding with Flex 3 type  one-way binding in this component, it'll start behaving as expected! Replacing @  with a reverse binding using fx:Binding leads to the same issue described  above.
      Let me know if you anyone has encountered this type  of a situation. Or am I doing something wrong?