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    Preventing Overwrite of flashlog.txt / filtering flashlog.txt




      I am trying to make an application that logs particular events in flashlog.txt (the current location) using the trace() function.  Right now, the application correctly logs to this file when I trigger the events (pressing a button/closing a dialog).  What I would like to have happen is for this data to be saved forever (or until manual deletion) and not overwritten as soon as the application is run again.  In other words, I would like to append further trace functions into this file (or another file) without deleting the data from previous runs of the application.


      My second issue concerns filtering the contents of flashlog.txt.  I use the trace function 2 times in my application but when I view the contents of flashlog.txt there are a LOT of events that I did not specifically insert a trace for (all mx.messaging.* at the moment).  I would like to limit the contents of this file to only the trace functions that I specifically call for (and not those produced from other events in mx.messaging.Channels/whatever else).


      Thanks for your help