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    (28) 2" Blocks stacked equals 60" ???


      Maybe I am tired and missing something terribly simple, but I can't seem to make this work! I have a label that I need to design a template for and to do so I need (30) 2" blocks stacked on each other. I have a 60" high art board laid out and when I blend the two 5"x2" blocks or use the rectangular grid tool the numbers seem to not work out. I am not using any stroke and assume that without a stroke the width and height are true. Even if my answer is stupid please help.






      p.s. file example attached

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          Ozzwoman9 Level 4

          I'm confused. If you use the rect grid you should enter the following amounts and it should come out correct:


          Picture 1.png


          And since you are setting up a template it would be wise to change those to guides once done and save as a template file. I see no reason that the stroke would matter, if you view in outline mode and align with you artboard (which should be set to the actual overall size) then it is true and accurate.



          I suspect that the blending mode isn't counting the first and last step, if you physically count the 'boxes' there are 30 there.

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            TSM777 Level 1

            Oh Duh!!! You are totally right! It is not counting the first and last step AND I entered 30 divisions for the rect grid tool instead of 29.


            Thanks Ozzwoman!!