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    DNG Codec Program Crashes


      Having problems with this DNG Codec on my Windows Vista 32bit system and hoping someone has got a solution. This Codec allows you to view camera raw DNG files through windows explore and picture viewer without going through any raw converter software and it does work on that but I am experiencing some big problems since I installed it. When I'm viewing the raw files through picture viewer and want to close out the viewer program it crashes and my computer freezes up until I choose one of the error solutions to solve it. There is also one other quirk it has caused and that is related to the Recycle Bin. If I delete one or more raw files from the picture viewer program it goes into the recycle bin as usual. When I open the recycle bin to empty those raw files the delete process goes into a non-stop delete cycle without actually deleting the files at all. Again, I have to close out the Recycle Bin program to get my computer back to normal behavior. I have tested other types of files deleted into the Bin and hit the Empty button without a hitch. I have since uninstalled the DNG Codec to try and solve the problems on my computer and guess what, my computer is back to its normal operating behavior with no problems anywhere. Any suggestions out there on what this Codec might be causing and maybe Adobe technical support should be aware of these problems it may be causing with me and maybe others as well.