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    [JS] InDesign Watched Folders? waiting for some new document

    Daniel Menc

      Hi Everyone


      I wrote a script [JS][InD] which checks folders in search of any files and then process them. It mades PDF files and moves original files to a "processed" folder.

      Now I want this script to run in the background by certain periods of time (i.e. 10 seconds) without user interaction. Just like the "Watched folders" function on Acrobat Distiller.

      Has anybody some suggestion or solution for this?


      Thank you for your help


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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



          It's funny because I tried just right now on my own. As I was looking for help on that topic and then I saw your post :-)


          The bad news is that I failed to reach that objective. My thought was to use the startup script folder placing a script that will wait for an amount of time and then check for a folder for specific files.

          Alas, it seems that the "waiting" process overides Indesign  and then the user can't use its software :-(

          I hope someones here as a solution.


          Bye Loic