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    How to set the size of the banner (top frame)

    yenelli Level 1

      Where does one set the height of the top nav pane?  Can I set the banner graphic to resize fit the space or can I resize the banner? My graphic didn't change, Robohelp processes it differently. Where do I go in the RH UI to fix it?


      In previous versions of RH, the published help banners sported the name of the product on a picture background. RH 8 (RoboHelp for HTML) published as a WebHelp project now only displays about half of  the banner (84 X 1280 pixels), and thus the name of the product is cropped (truncated).


      If I need to resize my graphics in MS Paint, where do I find the pixel size limits for that frame?




      See the problems at http://docs.ubmatrix.com/ http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/RBME/3_5_2/Default.htm and http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/XDA/1_0_1/default.htm


      old version (same graphic) is here http://docs.ubmatrix.com/webhelp/RBME/3_5/ReportBuilderHelp/RBME_Online_Help_Docs.htm