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    ACR Develop Settings feature not working


      I have been using Bridge and Camera Raw to process images. I make adjustments from one image to many others using the Develop Settings feature. I don't know what changed or why, but when I now open a raw file in Bridge, Photoshop opens, and I seem to be working in Photoshop's ACR, instead of Bridge's ACR. When I click "Done," I go back to Photoshop and not Bridge, and the Develop Settings menu is grayed out. Right clicking doesn't work because Develop Settings is not even listed there. I have checked all the settings for Bridge and ACR and Photoshop, and I can't find anything that is different or not selected. I think my program might be corrupted.


      Anyone have any ideas? I am running Windows XP 64 bit edition with 8gbs of RAM. I've been using this system since February with no problem. Help!!! I have work to do!!!