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    Handles on Clips from Premiere pro for Transitions

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Hello all,


      I put together my rough cut in Pre Pro.  I guess I can say it was a final cut in because I had the video transition just as I wanted them.  Anyway I used the method of Right Clicking each clip in the Pre Pro time line to edit in AE.  Once I finished doing whatever was needed to be done in AE I went back to Pre Pr to discover that the replace AE comps did not have the video transitions between clips.  When I applied the dissolves I got the message "Not enough material availible, some  frames will be repeated etc...."  Needlless to say the result did not look like what I had before going out to AE.


      My Question is: Is there anyway to automatically have more frames (handles) added to the selected clips in the Pre Pro timeline upon sending them out to AE so that there will be extra material there for dissolves or other transitions.  Or must I manually extend the end of each clip before sending them out?


      Thank You