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    How to use a better codec.


      Hi, guys.


      I've installed a codec on my system called "Lagartith", which is said to be completely lossless. I don't know exactly where it lives, but it's in the box somewhere!


      I thought it would be handy if I could coax PE7 to use it when encoding my films.


      Anyone know how to do this?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          There is no way to use this codec with Premiere Elements.


          Premiere Elements uses a DV-AVI workflow -- so no matter what you put into it and what you get it, it is compressed to a DV codec as the program works with it.


          Using video with a "lossless" codec would only mean a lot more effort by the program to convert and re-render all the video as DV. And you won't see improved video.


          Premiere Pro is capable of working with more advanced codecs, including some near-lossless formats. But, again, unless you've got a camcorder capable to recording to that format (like the Sony Red, which costs more than a new car) your quality is limited by the device that creates it.

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            Kurt_777 Level 1

            So, where do I get one of these Sony Reds?


            Just kidding. Thanks for the answer, Steve.


            By the way, did you read my other post about applying a slight blur to footage, using Virtual Dub? I know it sounds like heresy to do that in this age of High Definiton, but it definitely does give a lovely, slightly soft look to the image, without degrading the detail too much. The HD TV compensates, and adds definiton, but not enough to put back the electronic grit of video.


            Thanks again.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              The RED cameras are here.


              Now, I do not know about PrE and the RED cameras, but PrPro CS4.1 does have support for RED.


              I've used the Lagarith from PrE 4, but it is basically an intermediate SD CODEC, as is HuffYUV. Last time that I checked, neither handled HD material, though that might change. I also do not know about PrE 7 and either of those lossless CODEC's. Neither is a very "fast" CODEC, but I use them, when going to AfterEffects, as my PrPro (2.0) does not do the full Adobe Dynamic Link (DL) to AE, like CS3 and CS4 do. On occasion, I also use the QT Animation CODEC, especially if my client is on Mac. I also use the QT Animation .MOV "from" those same Mac clients, and have never had an issue with this CODEC in PrPro. I will have to admit that I have not used this one with PrE 4.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Exactly how, and where, do you wish to use Lagarith in your workflow? That might provide some insight into what would be the ultimate CODEC for you.


                Good luck,



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                  Kurt_777 Level 1

                  Haha! I'm not even going to go to that Red Camera link, Hunt, in case I get tempted to mortgage the house!!


                  Thanks for that in-depth info on codecs. To answer your follow-up question, I wanted to be able to improve the final output using a lossless codec, instead of the PE7 one. Not that I have a clue what PE7 uses, but I figured it probably wasn't completely lossless.


                  Anyway, I'd best just stick to the defaults for a while before I try to get too fancy.


                  I should say at this point that I'm a rank amateur, and haven't a clue about much of the secret life of my computer's software. Although I'm not totally ignorant, and I'm probably more computer-literate than most of my friends and family, I'm nevertheless just feeling my way in this field of video editing with a PC. Before this, I used a Mac, with its entry-level suite, and I picked that up quickly.


                  But having bought a new computer purpose-built and dedicated to all things graphical, I'm having to educate myself pretty quickly! For some odd reason I expected that an upmarket app like PE7 would be a piece of cake and that I'd be able to just set it to cruise control and sit back like Homer Simpson. But I'm discovering otherwise, and actually I'm loving it! It's a challenge to the gray matter.




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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    If your final delivery is SD to DVD-Video, then the built-in MPEG-2 will be as good as it gets. That is the "approved" CODEC for DVD-Video. With BD, you have two choices, the HD version of MPEG-2, or the H.264 CODEC.


                    Lagarith will NOT help you with DVD-Videos, or with BD videos, as it is designed for an intermediate, transport CODEC. In that role (like my example of going to AfterEffects), it is a great CODEC, albeit a slower one. The same for either the HuffYUV, or the .MOV Animation CODEC's. They are neither DVD-Video CODEC's. It's the final delivery that will dictate what is the ultimate CODEC to choose.


                    CODEC's are a big part of video editing, but there are so very many, that generalizations are not that useful, beyond the first paragarph here. Personally, I like to keep things as simple, as I can. Where I get into playing CODEC-roulette is with client-provided Assets. It is these, that I convert to the CODEC's, that I will edit, and then Export/Share to the proper one for my delivery scheme.


                    Good luck,



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                      Kurt_777 Level 1

                      Thanks, Hunt. More grist for the mill. I'm gradually getting a handy little "General How-to" of my own from you guys! Saving me a heck of a lot of web-surfing. Thanks.


                      "Codec Roulette"...good one!!

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I find that the folk here do a wonderful job at helping others. I like two other resources:


                        The PrPro-Wiki (though for PrPro, much applies directly to PrE).


                        Muvipix is another resource with many folk using a lot of different software. There are some version-specific PrE sub-fora, plus many that are more task-oriented, regardless of the actual programs.


                        There are basically two main areas: the actual editing programs used, and then the general info that will usually apply across the board.


                        Good luck, and welcome to a lifetime endeavor - video editing!



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                          Kurt_777 Level 1

                          Thanks, Hunt. The more the merrier!