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    How can you make movie clips partially visible?


      Okay, so this sounds simple, but I'm tottally lost... I'm a thirteen year old boy that has been using Flash for a little over 3 years. I program video games. I recently embarked on a game where one of the modes is to be split screen, player one gets the top half, player 2 the bottom. The promblem with this is that my game is based off of a moving background, where inorder to keep the main character centered the background moves instead of them. Becsause of this,when setting up split screen, the screen on the upper layer takes over the bottom because there would be more showing then there would be in the game: Parts would be off screen. I was wondering if there was anyway that using hitTest(s) (or some other method) you could make a movie clip partially visible/ invisible. I know the code for making something invisible when touching something else. But I was wondering if there was a way to make only the part of the movie clip touching another movie (it would have its alpha turned off... let's say it's a hitBox) or only the part of the movie clip touching the hitBox visible, invisible. Another way of looking at this is that I want a movie clip to be a small box, but inside I want their to be a huge picture. I want to make it so that when you move the picture different parts are viewable in this little box. And to make this as clear as I can... : I want to make a circle that I'll call the magnifying glass. I want to make an invisible picture that can be moved using code (I know that part). I want it so that when part of the picture is under the magnifying glass it's visible, not the hole thing, jus that circular area. Another reason I'd like to have this promblem solved is for a moving water effect. I want to make a movie clip and tween showing a square of rushing water, but without putting anything over parts of it (other than a hitBox) I want to make only a squiggly line of that water box visible. Thank you so much! =D I really hope you guys know! =D P.S. I also am currently using the trial of CS4, if that helps anything. But if it's only possible in AS3, then it's impossible to me because I use AS2 conservatively.