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    Premiere CS4 - File Linking Problems


      For some reason Premiere is mixing up my imported After Effects CS4 files.  For example, while Im working it will suddenly associate my After Effects file named "SceneA" with the file named "SceneB".  If I try importing "SceneB" again it brings in "SceneA" instead.  It will do this with several of my files and switch everything up.  Im only working with 4 After Effects files and am scared I'll have 20 or so files and it will start mixing those up, which will be a disaster.


      Anyone else experiencing this?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is your workflow to get these AE files into PrPro? Did they originate in PrPro and were then DL'ed to AE for DL'ing back to PrPro? The exact steps might yield a clue as to what/why this is happening.


          Good luck,



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            gman1000 Level 1

            I import several files straight into after effects for editing (multi tga, jpeg, psd, etc), then import the AE file straight in PrPro for ading text and organizing.  To work around the problem I had to put each AE file into different folders to keep PrPrp from mixing them up.  Never had this problem with CS3, but doesnt sound like anyone else is experiencing this, which leads me to believe its something with my computer, I dont know.


            I am running windows XP and have a second operating system (also windows XP) installed.  Had to work around a virus that took over my computer.  Could this be a contributing factor I wonder?  Would delete the 2nd operating system but it wont, so cant test that theory.