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    Barcode failed to display in PDF with XFDF




      I am a newbie in this forum and if you found my topic should not be posted here,
      please kindly let me know.


      I have a question about online filling data to a PDF and hope someone can help me.


      I am having a XFDF and PDF and data will be filled into PDF online. One of the fields
      on the PDF is a code 3 of 9 (code39) barcode. The PDF has embedded the code39
      font in it but the PDF does not format the text values into barcode form.


      I found an article in web showing how to show barcode on PDF with XFDF


      <field name="Barcode" type="barcode" symbology="pdf417" >
                  PDF-417 is a "stacked linear" symbology invented by
                  Symbol.  The iText library makes it very easy to embed this
                  symbology in a PDF file.


      Must I specify this format in the XFDF file such that the PDF knows the text field is
      a barcode format?


      Should I change the 'symbology="pdf417"'  into 'symbology="code39"' ?


      If you have any experience on this issue, please kindly share it with me.


      Thanks a lot,