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    Too many activations error. Been waiting THREE WEEKS.

    Gordon Cahill Level 2

      Is there anything I can do to get my activation count reset? The first case got closed without me ever receiving any contact and the second one is close to a week up. Is there someone I can call to have this escalated?


      8/29/09Case #0181142969: too many activations error
      Open - Pending Adobe Response
      8/13/09Case #0181114344: too many activations error


      I would think it's fair to say that Adobe really need to do something about activation/deactivation. I have alway deactivated before moving computers or reinstalling an OS. Should it be my problem that DE chooses not to log the deactivations? And it's just not fair that I have $300.00 worth of books I can't read. I even spent $80.00 a week ago on paper versions of a couple of titles I already have as e-books as I needed them. Hopefully someone is listening and will get this sorted. If you must insist on DRM then it's only fair that we have a way of moving devices without having to jump up and down screaming. Photoshop does it. Why not DE?


      And while you're at it I still can't view double pages with the odd numbered page on the right side (important for double page spreads in photo books).