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    Does reader extensions need a database?


      My organisation is looking to purchase LiveCycle reader extensions and I need to understand the technical infrastructure that I have to put in place for it.

      All the LiveCycle documentation talks about a database being needed but I have heard that this may not be true.


      Does anyone have a definitive answer?

      If it is optional, are there specific features (e.g. perhaps related to user management) that require the use of a database?


      Can anyone point me to documentation about the content and size of the database if I'm just using reader extensions?

      I can't find anything in the installation documentation that is specific.


      Finally, we are also considering the Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms ES product (just to activate the unencrypted barcode, not to process the barcoded data) and would like to know if this changes the answer regarding database need.


      FYI - We are looking at a Red Hat /VMWare / Websphere based implementation, possibly using an external LDAP source for user authentication.

      Oracle would be the database of choice if one is needed.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance,