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    Loading Text Problem

    Whitetimer Level 1

      Hi ...


      I have a custom component which has 4 linkButtons on the top.  I have 1 textArear component and 4 seperate text files.  What would be the best way to load each file from one of the linkButtons into the textArea ?


      Any suggestion please ?


      Many Thanks


      OH ... I did try this but did not seem quite right


                  // IMPORTS //
                  import flash.events.MouseEvent;
                  import flash.events.Event;
                  // VARIABLES //
                  private var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
                  private var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest('Assets/Text/WhitetimeLevelOneClass.txt');
                  // METHODS //
                  private function loadText(event:Event):void
                      loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onComplete);
                  private function selectText(event:Event):void
                       if(event.target == wtL1LB){request.url = 'Assets/Text/WhitetimeLevelOneClass.txt';}
                       if(event.target == wtL2LB){request.url = 'Assets/Text/WhitetimeLevelTwoClass.txt';}
                       if(event.target == wtL3LB){request.url = 'Assets/Text/WhitetimeLevelThreeClass.txt';}
                       if(event.target == wtL4LB){request.url = 'Assets/Text/WhitetimeLevelFourClass.txt';}
                  private function onComplete(event:Event):void
                      wtcTA.htmlText = event.currentTarget.data;
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          Cédric LG


          There are two main ways to load extenal data.

          1. On runtime by calling an AMF service or using a component like URLRequest.
          2. On compilation by using an Embed attribute. The example below shows you how to embed the content of a HTML file


          [Embed(source="assets/text.html", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
          private var MyTextClass:Class;
          private var daTxt:ByteArrayAsset = ByteArrayAsset(new MyTextClass());
          private var daTxtStr:String = daTxt.toString();


          Warning, if you are loading your content on runtime, the files have to be availables to all clients that are running your app (1). Indeed, the content is not included in the swf file by the compiler.