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    Error sending form using https and client authentication

    Daniel Beltrán

      Hi, I have the following problem when sending a form:


      When I download the form from a browser (IE6) using the Adobe Reader Plug-in (8 or 9), I fill it in, sign it and send it to the web server through an https connection with client authentication, that is, the client and the server exchange a digital certificate, and this is done successfully.


      However, when I store the same form in the hard-disk from my computer, and later on I open it with Adobe Reader without using a browser, the same connection that worked in the other case does not work in this one. A window pops up to warn us that an unknown error has occurred.


      Do you know if the connection between the form outside of the browser and the server (using https and client authentication) should work? In that case, how would that be?


      Thank you very much for your help