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    Codec Missing or Unavailable -Footagewasca but there is no Codec missing...




      was wondering if anyone has any input on this issue I am having.

      I transfered 1080 25p footage (1440x1080) that was captured on FCP from a Sony Z7 off HDV tape onto my pen drive then onto my Mac and am trying to import it into Premiere Pro CS4. Upon importing I receive the error 'Codec Missing or Unavailable.'


      I know that the footage has not been compressed while being captured in FCP.


      I am using the original uncompressed files form FCP's scratch disk, all of which are .MOV.


      Incase there was a codec hidden amongst it I have used both MediaInfo and Video Spec to give me feedback, both of which report the hdv7 codec.


      Some mention has been made of hdv7 being part of PC encoding of HD video or Canon but the footage has been captured on FCP and worked on the Mac which it was captured on.


      Any ideas?


      Is hdv7 something FCP encodes HDV to?


      No google search can find information on hdv7.


      etc etc etc...