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    Strange with Events

    $Nith$ Level 4

      Sample events are working, but when i try to create my own, it  doesn't.


      Anybody has any idea??



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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          How do you test to validate they dont' work?


          They work for me.



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            $Nith$ Level 4



            Events examples provided by Adobe are working fine. I'm facing problem with my custom events.


            See, this is what i have done for my custom events:


            1. Created a simple event type with event data; no event message defined.

            2. Created two processes (proc1 & proc2)

            3. Now the proc1 contains a throw event (it is the start action as well) of my custom type

            4. In proc2 i added the same event as Start Point.

            5. Event filters are configured properly.

            6. Initiated proc1

            7. As per my expectation, the proc2 must be invoked; but it did not !



            Both processes are active.

            In fact my testing is much similar to the example provided by Adobe (Event Correlation & Event Crrelation Start Point samples)



            How do i trace the problem here?




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              $Nith$ Level 4

              After few tryouts it is working now. I suspect that there were some problems with the Schema.


              Thanks for you time Jasmin.