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    nvidia quadro benchmarks


      I will use video editing on a computer for professional purposes I am prepared.
      i will use adobe premiere pro and nvidia quadro cx graphic card.
      but quadro cx is very expensive.

      I have 3 options;
      1- nvidia quadro cx
      2- nvidia quadro fx 3800
      3- nvidia quadro fx 1800


      i use an Elemental Accelerator with nvidia quadro card.

      i need premiere pro benchmarks of those nvidia quadro cards.
      with and without Elemental Accelerator plugin !!!
      like following web site;

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          If you are using PrPro, then you have posted to the wrong forum. Here is the PrPro forum.


          Now, for benchmarks with PrPro, you might want to look at this benchmark SITE. There are a couple of considerations. The video-card plays a very, very small role in the performance of a workstation running PrPro. However, there is a good database of equipment using standard benchmarking files. Also, with these benchmarking files, you can do the same exact thing, and can plug in your data to easily compare your results.


          With NLE work, the main elements that will improve your editing experience, and in this order:


          1.) I/O sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their size, speed, controller type, free space and how allocated

          2.) CPU

          3.) RAM


          With AVCHD, and some heavily compressed material, #1 & #2 will likely be reversed in importance. The vid-card will be down the list quite a bit.


          Now, your CX nVidia will provide some good response with Photoshop, but with the exception of some GPU Transitions and Effects, you'll likely not notice much of an improvement. By PrPro CS5, some of the CUDA functions might well play a bigger role, just not yet.


          Good luck,



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            mceproje Level 1

            i moved to hardware section.


            pls delete this message.

            thank you for your info @the_wine_snob