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    Rollover Button Action


      I am trying to get a rollover button to go from one scene to another.  I have been succesfull with this action before with a static button but now can't get it to work.


      The file can be downloaded from the following location:  www.ccbwebdesigns.com/NKor/NorthKorea_FLASH_V07.fla. For some reason I can't upload it with this message.


      The button is named "btn_1" and I have only applied the action in the Main scence.  The button should take the visitor to the scene titled "Korean War."


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In most cases where scenes are giving someone a problem, my usual recommendation is to avoid using them.  And if someone hasn't designed something yet, and is asking about using them, the same would apply.  And after looking at what you file involves, I would make the same recommendation... use movieclips instead of scenes, and have you buttons control what is visible/active when.   Scenes are just unreliable and often cause more headaches than joy.


          The way you are designing it with the same general layout repeated in all scenes and just a little content unique to each scene, it will save you alot of effort to just use one timeline for everything--mainly it will make one set of buttons that you need to manage instead of one set for every scene.  And from what I saw, you can use movieclips and control their visibility/performance rather than spreading things along the one timeline, though that is also a fine approach.


          As far as solving your rollover issue, I didn't see where you have any rollover code.  I also don't see where you have any stop() commands in your timeline, so it is likely things are constantly moving from scene to scene though you might think they are sitting still.