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    Part of some characters missing at end of words - advice please


      Hi I wonder if anone can help me ?


      I am quite new to Flash. I am revising an existing project that I have taken over from others. Its an interactive presentation that was originally made for and HD TV so the stage size is 1920x1080.

      I have noticed that when I type words in Flash as text the final character appears to be slightly missing in some cases depending on the size that

      the page is viewed, both finally and whilst editing in CS4


      For instance the word TOKYO written in upper case the final 'O' appears to have a small part missing on the right side curve.


      This does seem dependent only on the scaling. If I look at 100% it looks fine, 200% part is missing 300% fine again - for instance.


      It also seems to depend which character I use, O, S&N seem to show it more but it may just be more noticable on those characters.


      Position of the text does not make any difference, nor does the size of the text box or the font I use.

      I have also tried adding a space at the end of the word but this does not work the last character is still affected.


      The character itself seems OK as in TOKYO the first 'O' looks fine, its always the final letter of the word that is wrong.


      Hopefully I have attached a couple of scren grabs that show this. These were grabbed from within CS4 direct from the Stage.


      The one that looks wrong (called missing.jpg) is viewed at 200% the one that looks correct (called ok.jpg) is viewed at 205%


      Anyone got any ideas/workarounds for this ?