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    RH 8 Crashing randomly and now project cant open

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      I was working on my RH8 HTML project, removing some broken links and editing folder names.


      I changed the 'root' folder name, it was an empty folder but at the top level under the HTML Files, Images, Multimedia etc menus. That went fine, and I continued to remove some dead links and edit some topics.

      Then I recieved the lovely MS error, 'RH is not responding and needs to close'. So I closed RH, re-opened it and now when I try to open my project, it opens RH, the topics load on the bottom Topic List pod, and then it freezes. The egg timer stays on, the process uses no more memory and its stuck.


      I tried to open other project and they did, is there anyway to recover the project? all the files etc and folder structure are still intact on my hard drive, just the project wont load.


      Any tips?


      Thanks. Nick