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    Flex Memory Profiling and ChildConstraintInfo

    Michael Hovey

      I'm going through one of my Flex applications, trying to optimize it wherever I can, and I noticed a bunch of the memory is being consumed by "ChildConstraintInfo". I've never run into this before and I'm having a hard time finding any documentation/articles about it so I'm wondering what I can do to reduce this. To be specific, after clicking through my application for a few minutes, the memory profiler says ChildConstraintInfo has 2062 Cumulative Instances (9.76%), 238 Instances (24.87%), 80448 Cumulative Memory (26.04%), 22848 Memory (10.87%).


      My first guess is, I have the application setup in a fluid layout so throughout the application, alot of UIComponents are being positioned using constraints: top, right, bottom, left. I've read before that using a fluid layout will take a performance hit due to the application needing to recalculate the positions and sizes each time the application is resized. This makes perfect sense to me... I guess I just assumed it wouldn't have this much of an impact.


      Is that most likely the cause of the problem? If so, is the best solution to get rid of the constraint based layout and move to a more fixed, absolute layout? If it's not the problem, what else could cause this?


      Thanks in advance!