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    Flash video lags when uploaded to Youtube.

    timle Level 1



      I have tried to upload one of my flash videos on youtube, the only problem is that it lags!


      The sound is perfect, but the film only shows about 1 frame per second, when it's supposed to be 12 frames per second. This is obviously nothing worth watching when the picture lags as much as it does.


      I have uploaded the same video on my facebook profile, and it worked pretty good, but as I already said, it lags when it is on youtube.


      I don't have any movieclips in the movie I uploaded to Youtube.


      Does it have anything to do with the settings on the movie? I eksported it in to a quiktime film before I uploaded it to youtube. I saw a tutorial where the person exported his flash into quiktime and uploaded it to youtube, and the animations were smooth, but when I do this, it lags.


      Can anybody help me?