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    Audio ahead of video in new installation of PPro CS4


      I have one installation of PPro CS4 on a lap top. I have captured video files and have been editing on my lap top. No issues other than the fact that HD video previews are jerky (expected) since I have integrated graphics.


      My captured video and edited projects have been stored on a G-tech 3TB raid0 external drive hooked up via Esata.


      I recently build a desk top machine with 12GB ram, i7 920, GeForce GTX 275, for a smoother video editing session and installed PPro CS4 there.


      I also have 2 separate internal raid0 drives 7200rpm (1TB each, one for the OS and apps, and the other to use for media cache and scratch space)


      When I tried to bring up the captured files by connecting the G-tech drive via the desktop PC's Esata port, now the video previews are smooth, but the audio is out of sync. Its earlier than the video by a few seconds.


      Do I need to recapture the video on the new PC? Is there any way I can fix this without recapturing?


      The individual clips play fine (audio & video in sync) if I play them in Windows Media player on the new PC.


      I have seen several threads on audio/video sync but those were related to individuals who had upgraded from CS3 to CS4, but no threads that help with my problem.


      Please help.