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    How to capture using Pinnacle 700-USB Analog to Digital (USB)?


      I have a Pinnacle 700-USB Analog to Digital converter which inputs Composite and L+R Audio and outputs a Digital signal through USB.

      I'm using this to digitize VHS tapes.


      I am trying out different Video Editing sw including Adobe Elements 7. Others like Pinnacle Studio 12 and Corel Video Studio 12 can import from this USB-device. It doesn't seem to be possible using Adobe Elements 7.


      I've looked at the page http://help.adobe.com/en_US/PremiereElements/7.0/WS51F6C811-8B79-4c26-B4B9-24C0919182B6.ht ml

      It mentions at the end "Note: If you capture using an AV DV converter, you might need to capture without using device control."


      1) What does the last Note mean? Which device control?

      2) Are there any possibility of this working? What should I try to play with?