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    mt2 files get grouped in the scene line in elements 7




      I am new to this, but I like Element7 so far.  I was able to make a simple movies from my mpeg clips, just drag and drop. Everytime I drag a mpeg clip to the scene line, each clip appears in their own scene box and I can insert transistion in between easily.


      But when I try a new project with AVCHD mt2 files, I drag the first clip, it shows in the scene box, but the 2nd and 3rd clip of the mt2 fils, the clip does not show in different scene box.  They all show in the first box only as if the 2nd and 3rd clip is not there.  But when you switch to timeline, you can see time. I right click on the first scene box to see if I can "ungroup" them, but the selection is grayed out.  Is this something to do with mt2 files?


      I much rather work in the sceneline so I can work the transistor much easier.


      I tried reinstall Element7, same thing.


      Thanks in advance.