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    Breaking up an App into components

    Developer504 Level 1
      I have an App in deployment which displays a dashboard program divided into several tabs, one tab contains a treemap, another has four charts, another has one big chart, another has five dials, etc. etc. currently this is all coded into one big App.

      What I want to do now is break this up into either MXML or AS components so that it will be more managable and more modular. I want to make a 'shell' master program with the tabs, and then import the other pieces as modules.

      I have managed to separate out one of my most complex pieces from my original main App, one of the Treemaps, and I want to now import that as a component of my "shell". Can someone reccomend a technote or a web page I could look at to learn how to do this? I'd also like to learn some things like how do you 'talk to' variables within a particular component that you import in, or is that even possible?