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    Motion tween not working

    kirrwed Level 1

      I imported a vector graphic, placed it in keyframe #1.  I put a keyframe in frame #40 and moved the graphic over there.  I converted the object in both keyframes to symbol.  I then try to place a motion tween between them.  Simple right?  No.  Frames 1-39 do nothing...the graphic never moves.  Then at frame 40 it jumps to the other spot.


      I've tried activating the motion tween 2 different ways.  One is to click on a frame between the two keyframes and go to Insert-Motion Tween.  The other method is to right-click keyframe #1 and pick Motion Tween from the dropdown. 


      What am I doing wrong?


      (3 screenshots attached of frame #1, #40, and a frame in between.)