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    Creating Polls


      1. How do the "Polls" work? For example, I would like to pose the following question with these possible answers.


      Q. How long have you been employed at Company A?


      A. Under 1 year

      1 to 2 years

      2 to 5 years

      5 to 10 years

      10 to 15 years

      More than 15 years


      I'm having trouble adding more than one answer.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Well, this is an older post, but if you havn't found the answer yet, all you need to do is create a different answer on separate lines.


          So, just like you typed the question, in the Poll Pod, type the question in the question line and then each answer in the answer section, separating each answer by a Return or Enter. That should give the funtionality you are looking for.


          If you are not using the Poll Pod, then a tool like Captivate or Presetner has a quiz function to it that would allow you to ask polling questions and collect the data from within those.