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    Publishing has been cancelled (Failed to Create a File) Why?

    JaredHess Level 1

      I started publishing a webhelp layout of our main project to an internal web site. It gives me this error:


      "Publishing has been cancelled.

      Failed to create file: example_full_screen_comment_vs_normal.jpg"


      However, this file is indeed already "created" inside my project. What does this message mean by "failed to create"? Does it just mean "failed to upload?"


      Some background on this image... I did create and upload this image outside of RH's publishing tool to quickly post an update to a topic w/o going through the 10-15 min build and upload process for my large file. In essense, I manually edited the html code for the .htm file on the server and then uploaded this file so the htm could point to it. Could something like that be causing this problem? I've edited files like this in the past previously and never had problems.