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    Read XML to change StyleSheet for Theme Support.


      I'm having trouble accessing an XML document and using that XML document to direct me to a StyleSheet. The idea is to allow the application to support themes. I first need to read a config like xml document that directs me to a folder where a theme defination xml document. Which is similiar to this:

      <?xml version="1.0" ?>

      I found 2 methods, the first is the use of a xhttpObject and wait for the repsonse. However becuase the loading of the xmlDoc does not happen in concurrent with the procedure, and its a fucntion call when load has finished, Air won't let the change of theme take place. I belive its the same idea of not allowing you to evaluate javascript after you have hit the initialization point. The class GetThemeSettings_Old is what I tried to use for the first method, check the attachment.


      The second method I used is a common xmldoc object that is supposed to read the xml document. xmlDoc.load gives me a error:

      TypeError: Value undefined does not allow function calls.
           at GetThemeSettings() (AirNote/lib/egt/Config.Pref.js:44)
           at LoadTheme() (AirNote/AirNote.html:59)
           at initialize() (AirNote/AirNote.html:54)
           at onload(event) (AirNote/AirNote.html:826)


      Here is the js Class code I use to read the theme data where the nativePathToApplicationDirectory is the full string path to the application directory. Please help me find a proper solution to get the themes to work, thank you!


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