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    Using multiple 'if' statement parameters within the creationComplete propertyy of an application

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      In my app I have several user profiles that are initially all hidden but are made visible as the user adds them and then saved when the app is closed.


      What I want however is a menu (that I already have created as addProfileWindow) to appear as soon as the app starts if no user profiles have already been added.


      To do this I planned to use the creationComplete property of the main application tag with an if statement but I'm not sure how to put multiple parameters into a single if statement. My 5 profiles are named profile1, profile2, profile3, profile4 and profile5.


      I basically want an if statement that executes on creationComplete of the app and makes the addProfileWindow appear if all of the profiles are currently not visible. I thougt it would be something like this but I suppose not:-


      creationComplete="if (profile1.visible=false + profile2.visible=false + profile3.visible=false + profile4.visible=false + profile5.visible=false) addProfileWindow.visible=true;"