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    Index & Search won't work after compiling to Webhelp (RH x5.0.2)


      As I create the index, everything looks normal. When I view the compiled product (WebHelp) the Index and Search tabs are there, but when I click them, nothing happens. Nothing shows in the pane. When I put the cursor in the field, it just flickers, and whatever I type will not show in the search field. When I compile to MS HTML Help (.chm) both features work fine. I have a feeling something is corrupted, but I don't know which program-generated files are safe to delete. My browser is IE 6.0.2900. This behavior is the same whether it is on my computer in development mode, or loaded in the application I support.


      The graphic pasted here is what I see when opening the product. Can anyone help me with this?

      RH Index problem.gif