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    Compiling Flex Apps With ANT Problem

    Jaz Chana

      Hi guys,


      I thought i'd have a go at using ANT to compile my applications into a single war file that I could then use to deploy. So far so good, until I got to the last bit. Within the root of my application i have the actionscript source file and underneath that I have an assets folder where all my images and css files live. E.g. app_root/asrc/assets/stylesheets/default.css. Now the ant task i've used to succesfully compile everything else looks like this;


           <target name="mxcompile">
                  <load-config filename="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks/flex-config.xml"/>
                  <source-path path-element="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks"/>
                  <source-path path-element="${asrc}/assets/stylesheets"/>
                  <!-- List of SWC files or directories that contain SWC files. -->
                  <compiler.library-path dir="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks" append="true">
                      <include name="libs" />
                      <include name="../bundles/{locale}" />
                  <!-- include dependencies -->
                  <compiler.library-path dir="." append="true">
                      <include name="libs" />            


      However when i run it i get the following error;


      Error: Problem finding external stylesheet: assets/stylesheets/default.css


      Its there, its definately there and whats more Flex builder doesn't have a problem with it. So why does running the compiler as an ANT task cause this issue? Am I missing something?